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A revolution in how we consume media has turned advertising on its head, but recruits of all levels aren't being trained in essential new skills.

Keeley Pope understands better than most how jobs in Australia’s media and marketing have changed over the last decade. A recruiter with 25 years experience, she deals first-hand with exasperated employers who require new starters to have mastered a breathless list of digital skills. “Today, you’ve got to be able to go from editing a video one minute to analysing data the next and then briefing into a post-production house afterwards,” she says.


In fact, that’s just the start of it. Marketing roles in 2019, she explains, can also encompass social media strategy, paid content, e-commerce, app building, project management as well as skills in Photoshop, CMS and copywriting. “Even the mid-level roles are very much hands-on,” she adds. “Now, marketers are publishers in their own right, too.”

Russell Easther teaching Mumbrella’s digital training course

These changes are, of course, a result of how marketers and agencies have reacted to the differing ways we consume media – the decline of printed newspapers, say, or the rise of social media and TV-on-demand. The problem is many current employees have been caught cold: either forced to suddenly acquire skills they’ve never been trained for or rejected for new positions outright. “The onus is on the individual to upscale themselves.”

It’s a pattern noticed by Russell Easther, who teaches Mumbrella’s Digital Essentials training course for marketers. “People looking to swap jobs often get very intimidated by the huge list of requirements they need,” he says. “While some more junior or mid-level people aren’t getting mentored in their current jobs, because they’re finding senior managers are not skilled to do the tasks themselves.”

In fact, the changes to how we read, view and listen to media are accelerating at a greater pace than many of us realise: more than half of video viewing in Australia is happening on phones, and 48% relates to footage five minutes or longer; Aussies are streaming between 40–50 million minutes of TV a day; and nine million of us are on Instagram.

And all that change is affecting how businesses are marketing and growing. New research by PWC and Facebook, for instance, reveals more than a third of Australian small businesses are exporting to foreign markets, and more than a third of companies now earn international revenue within just two years of establishment.

And so brands have reacted. Digital marketing spend has grown by 13% in the last year, up to $2.24bn, with video showing the biggest leap, along with increases to display, classified and search (Google ads, basically). Meanwhile, programmatic spend in Australia has leapt to $1.7bn – a staggering increase from just $84m in 2012.

“The reality is modern market is diversifying,” says Easther. “So employees now need to know a little bit about a lot – whatever side of the fence you’re working on. So, to do marketing well, particularly in digital, you need to be able to hold a conversation, and you need to know the strategy of how all the channels work together.”

On Easther’s course, he finds his students range from those starting out in creative agencies to senior marketing directors working client side and even those in media sales. “Some have learned digital from a few different sources and they come to formalise their learning,” he says. “While others have deep knowledge in one area but want to be more versatile. They might be a social specialist, say, but when they have a meeting to discuss programmatic, they wish they could contribute more.”



January 2018 - KPMR opens Melbourne office.
For roles in Melbourne, contact careers@kpmr.com.au / 0409 320 329

December 2015 KPMR opens Dubai office.

For roles in Dubai, contact amy.pope@kpmr.com.au.

For advice and insight about working in the UAE check out:

KPMR Sponsors  table at the 2014 Mumbrella Awards.

Another great night at the Mumbrella Awards thank you to all those who attended.

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KPMR Sponsors Mumbrella Award (Culture) 2013

Congratulations to the team at OMD for winning the 2013 culture awards and thank you for all those who joined us at the awards that evening.

KPMR introduces a new addition 2012

Tina Smith joins the KPMR team as Head of Media and Digital Sales.

Mumbrella Media Agency Review - July 2012

Expert panelist for this year's review

KPMR & Lipton Fleming Announce Global Alliance - November 2011

KPMR (Keeley Pope Media Recruitment) is pleased to announce their recent affiliation with Lipton Fleming, a leading UK media recruitment organisation based in London.

Media and Communications professionals are increasingly looking to broaden their skill sets. Over the years, we have seen numerous talented Australians embark on careers in the United Kingdom and Europe. This alliance allows both companies to continue to facilitate their candidates’ international career aspirations, whilst also placing a very strong focus on assisting returning Australians to come back to Australia and helping British candidates head back to Europe.
KPMR and Lipton Fleming have had a mutual appreciation of each other’s business models over the years. Both companies centre on delivering the right opportunities to the best people in many of the top companies within the media industry.
The alliance between KPMR and Lipton Fleming has developed due to the parity of our visions, values and our shared mission to offer our candidates and clients an unrivalled and truly international service. 
We believe the partnership between KPMR and Lipton Fleming will enhance the range of exclusive opportunities we are able to extend to our candidates and further enable our clients to have the pick of the best talent from either side of the globe.



KPMR Executive Launch - January 2011 


Martin Cowie Returns to the Fray with Executive Recruitment Offering


Headhunters to Target Senior Talent



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