KPMR possesses alliances, contacts and media job opportunities all over the world.

Contact: for Dubai and Asia roles.

Australia, Dubai, Asia and UK

If you are a media professional looking to relocate and need sage advice on how to go about it, KPMR can guide you through the process.

‘KPMR has a most impressive knowledge of the media and advertising business in Australia and Asia Pacific. They demonstrate a finely tuned ability to match a personality with a culture and a skill set with a job description. This business lives and dies on the quality of it’s hires and you can’t go wrong with KPMR.’

Media Director placed in Beijing, China

‘When I decided to come to Australia, I was recommended to KPMR through a friend. I originally had the opinion that it would be good to get in touch and send over my details to get an understanding of the market and what my experience counted for. I was planning on coming over on a working holiday visa and trying to secure a job when I arrived so I thought any information I could get beforehand would help me when I arrived.

KPMR certainly exceeded my expectations. They called me for a chat firstly and then proactively arranged several phone interviews with prospective employers for me. From one of these interviews I actually secured a job with a sponsorship and a flight! The whole process was painless, mainly due to KPMR's proactive approach in speaking with the employers and arranging times that suited to call me.

After each interview they were in touch to see how it went and offer their thoughts on the company and the employer and how suitable it was based on their extensive knowledge of the market. Even when I had received my offer they were on the phone to help me evaluate it and offer me advice. Now I find myself living and working in Australia - something I have wanted to do for a while and something KPMR managed to make happen in a very short space of time - thank you!’

Media Communications Planner placed from London, UK to Sydney, Australia.


Axiom Telecom’s experience with KPMR was more than satisfactory; in fact, it exceeded our expectations as they were able to deliver when we thought we would never find the talents we were looking for. The main difference between KPMR and the other agencies we worked with, was that we really felt “heard” and “listened to”. The meetings we had with their recruiters felt very effective; they asked a lot of questions, took time to understand what we need, who we are looking for and why. The quality of the profiles they presented was spot on; not only they found candidates with the skill sets we were looking for but they also handpicked the one who had the right personality. We avoided losing time meeting talents who were not a perfect match thanks for their accurate selection. Ultimately they managed to find what the others couldn’t.
A very nice experience indeed.

Marketing Department at Axiom Telecom Dubai used KPMR Dubai to find talent for their team


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